About Duggy his Crew & Friends

Duggy 'The Smile in the Sky!', is a cartoon character of the famous Douglas DC-3.  Like all airplanes, trucks and boats, Duggy is a collection of parts - he does not have the ability to fly or move.  However, with his crew and other dedicated humans, Duggy 'springs to life' with a heart of gold.  Duggy is everyones' best friend, always there with a smile and kind word.  In Duggy's world the glass is always - "...more than half full!".  Yet with that positive attitude and giving nature Duggy
often over- commits to his friends and gets himself into trouble.  But, as we all discover in life, if you treat others as you would like to be treated - you find yourself with a great friends ready to help you out.  These friends of Duggy are the relationships that he is blessed with as they always come through for him and rescue him from his danger and worries. 
Mitch's dream (is now reality) and it is to touring the country's Air Shows as a real-life "Duggy - The Smile In the Sky!" Currently Duggy's primary mission will be to attend air shows throughout the USA and promote positive character building traits.  Mitch has always had Duggy's core message as being, "Know good from bad, right from wrong, respect others and chase your dream!"  This is summed up
with the simple mission statement: "Live your Dream!"

So hold on and join Duggy, his crew and friends with adventures for life

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