About Mitch Carley, Duggy's Creator

"Live your Dream!"
This is Duggy's creator, Mitch Carley's mantra.

Like so many children, Mitch was amazed and 'taken' by flight and airplanes. He has fond memories of working on and flying his father's 1946 Cessna 120. Throughout the 1960's - 70's Mitch attended numerous air shows, which is where he fell in love with vintage aircraft and the people who brought those machines to life.

Mitch created Duggy in 1973, as part of a school report.

Mitch's father served in the USAF during the Korean War, stationed in Goose Bay, Labrador. He was a mechanic on many of the aircraft that Mitch honors today including the classic, DC-3. Mitch's father taught him to fly at an early age on a grass landing strip. Yet even more importantly, Mitch's parents fostered the notion that you, “can be and do anything in America that you put your mind and actions to.”  Growing up on the edge of a small rural town, the snowy winter months in Ohio were very quiet and cold. It was during these months each year that Mitch perfected his style of illustration and story-telling.

As an adult Mitch went on to become a creative director at several advertising agencies. Working on national brands ranging from fast food to sports television and kid's networks, Mitch always had Duggy's interest in mind. Recently Mitch has produced, directed and hosted two award-winning TV shows featuring vintage aircraft.

Mitch never left focus on operating a real DC-3 and welcomes you to experience Duggy - look for locations and schedules.

Mitch's love has always been, 'airplanes'. like so many kids. Here are just a few photos
illustrating that fact.