harrison ford mitch carley DUGOSHK05

Sir Richard Branson (center)
Ron Kaplan, left (Exec. Dir., NAHF) and Mitch Carley, right discussed, the future, Duggy,
Space Travel and more under

Duggy was positioned at the 'premier' AeroShell Square area by EAA... thank you EAA for all of the exposure and ability to engage with Kids from all over the world...and proudly 'stand' beside SpaceShipOne - Duggy

Duggy drops the world famous Liberty Parachute Team to start the Air Show at Oshkosh each day... thank you Liberty for the great American tributes each day - Duggy

Duggy Crew helps raise over $700,000 for Young Eagles in one night... thank you Young Eagles for the honor to help "whip it up" (and auction off a ride in Duggy for $3000)
at the annual Young Eagles' Auction - Duggy

Young Eagles, Chairman, Harrison Ford
flies Duggy...
in the Co-Pilot seat with Captains - Robert Odegaard and Rob Challans. All aboard with Harrison Ford
enjoyed a smooth and relaxing flight aboard Duggy. 
Thanks Mr. Ford - Duggy

Mr. Harrison Ford,
Rob Challans and crew in
a post-flight discussion.

Harrison Ford and Capt. Robert Odegaard 'work
the busy Oshkosh pattern...

Mr. Harrison Ford and
Mitch Carley enjoy a post-flight discussion.

Mr. Robert "Bob" Hoover autograph Duggy while enjoying Oshkosh.

Capt. Bob Odegaard,
presents Duggy Co-Pilot Wings
to Harrison Ford after Duggy
flight with Mr. Ford
serving as Co-Pilot, Oshkosh WI