Hollywood CA
November 5, 2008

Duggy & Friends will soon be presented to major companies
that produce quality family entertainment and related products/services.

We are proud to announce that two very exciting directions for
Duggy & Friends have been completed to presentation stage.

DUGGY THE MOVIE - That is right - Duggy, his crew and their
collective Friends are the focus of a new Movie Script.  Soon we
hope to announce our Animation Partner in this funny, emotional
and thoughtful 'future children's classic'.
Look below for a sneek-peek of the Duggy Animation sample.

DUGGY ADVENTURES - (TV SERIES) - That is right, as you already
know Duggy is a living breathing example that 'Dreams do come True!'
This future TV Series focuses on the people, relationships and actions
in making dreams come true.
This Series is currently being presented to well-known Network/Production
companies.  We hope to soon announce our Partner for Duggy Adventures!

Hollywood CA / BOOKARTOONS.com
July 30, 2006 - Author, Josh Book

So, I can finally talk about a special project we at 
BOOKARTOONS! have been working on for a while.
It's Duggy!  Duggy is a real life plane that travels around the US teaching kids about the world of flight.
A great guy named Mitch Carley created personalities for a group of unique characters and the planes they fly.  Mitch has created a great brand full of engaging stories, drawings and designs for what should become a global brand. Mitch contacted me about a year or so ago about doing a CG version of Duggy, but production didn't start until a few months ago.

My company BOOKARTOONS! created the 40 second CG intro that's part of a DVD that will be on sale soon as "Duggy Adventures". I worked with Rusty Tracy, who's a TD/Animator that I work with at Nickelodeon, and one of the best workers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. ("Work" was in that sentence four times!).

I directed and animated the project. The characters had 2D mouths that I animated in Flash, and Rusty rigged up the bodies so they had great cartoony acting abilities. Rusty also did the modeling, shaders, and lighting. You can see some of the poses on the screen shots below, click on them and you will enjoy the clip. - Josh Book

Additionally, Perry Grip the famous lead of The Nerf Herders and Musical Jingle Master, scored the Duggy Jingle.