February 21, 2005
“Duggy the Smile in the Sky” paint is completed by the world-class Sky Harbour
Aviation of Goderich, Ontario Canada.

 Mitch Carley and business partner, Rob Challans/AVISET, have been completed in creating a dream-team with the new relationships of - Bob Odegaard and the Fargo Air Museum. "Through a great relationship with Ron Kaplan of the National Aviation Hall of Fame, I and my partner Rob Challans were introduced to Bob Odegaard.  Bob instantly understood and supported the Duggy Brand.  Here we are - the final piece!" stated Mitch Carley.  Rob Challans summed it up with, "Bob Odegaard and the complete package that the Fargo Air Museum brings to Duggy and Friends will improve the success of kids throughout North America.  With the NAHF SkyReach Project this traveling team of people and aircraft will take a great message to the kids and where they live, unlike most any other media based motivational programs - we are excited to get started."

GODERICH, ONTARIO, CANADA   www.skyharbour.com
Friday, Feb. 25th, 2005

Duggy departed Friday

FARGO, ND   www.fargoairmuseum.org
Friday, Feb. 25th, 2005

Duggy arrives home to the Fargo Air Museum