...Harrison Ford's - Concern about GA

Ford jokes that there's a hidden bonus to flying youth.

"One of the things I found out is that when you have an airplane full of kids, you make better landings,"
he grins.

But he quickly gets serious again when he talks about threats to general aviation and how young people
can become advocates for GA.

"I believe general aviation is under serious threat from a variety of misunderstandings and fears," Ford said.
"People don't understand what we're doing and why we do it."

He said that apprehension due to the threat of a small airplane in the wrong hands has been blown wildly
out of proportion.

"The political pressure to close airports, to limit the freedoms of general aviation, are understandable, but
they have to be countered by the will to maintain our freedoms that we enjoy in general aviation," he said.
"We need to address those issues, or we're going to lose airports, and lose opportunities for more people
to become a part of aviation.

"To do that, we need to build a constituency; we need to reach out to young people and say, 'This is
something important. This is something worth saving.' This is not EAA's message; this is mine. We need
to reach out to young people, and hope that they will join us in becoming advocates for general aviation."

- Harrison Ford
Airport Journal, 2005