About Duggy the business
Duggy, the concept, airplane and related business elements are owned and
managed by 'Duggy LLC, a North Dakota limited liability company', and the
respectfull ownership(s) within.  If you are interested in discussing 'Duggy' as
a business please refer to the contact page.

About Mitch Carley, Duggy's Creator

"Live your Dream!"
This is Duggy's creator, Mitch Carley's mantra. 
Like so many children, Mitch was amazed and 'taken' by flight and airplanes. He has fond memories of working on and flying his father's 1946 Cessna 120. Throughout the 1960's - 70's Mitch attended numerous air shows, which is where he fell in love with vintage aircraft and the people who brought those machines to life...(more)

About Duggy (the character) and his Friends

Duggy 'The Smile in the Sky!', is a cartoon character of the famous Douglas
DC-3.  Like all airplanes, trucks and boats - Duggy is simply a collection of parts - he does not have the ability to fly or move.  However with his crew and other dedicated humans, Duggy 'springs to life' with a heart of gold.  Duggy is everyones' best friend, always there with a smile and kind word

About the real Duggy DC-3 N1XP

Was in service for Australia during WWII and was surplused in 1945. It then went to Canada and served for their Department of Transportation until 1995 when it was sold. 1995 - It was purchased by Harry Thompson and Robert Odegaard was restored to the original colors of the North Dakota Air Guard ...(more)

The Duggy Dream Team’s mission is to help make kids dreams come true.
  Duggy started out as a simple dream. 
As a young boy, age 11, Mitch Carley had a dream of flying around in a plane named Duggy.
never lost this dream and was fortunate enough to have met the right people to make Duggy become a real
“Dream-Machine” and symbol. 
  A team was born and so was the real-Duggy. 

The Duggy Dream Team realized they should share this
dream…and teach kids all around the world how the simple dream of Duggy became real…

it’s as easy as 1-2-3...

Step 1 – Discover your Dream!
That means let your mind run wild
and listen to your heart.

Step 2 –  Find your Team! 
Find and make your own “Dream-Team”,
to help you out.

Step 3 – Work your Dream! 
Like anything worth while – it will take
some work – we say – don’t
give up.

  Soon you can buy the show on DVD & enjoy Duggy and his Dream Team
as they take-off to adventures all around the world, on a mission to help kids…
”Live Your Dream with Duggy!”

The Duggy Dream Team Mission

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