Ron Kaplan / NAHF, Roy Sutherland
/ 21st Cent. Toys, Mitch Carley / Duggy
- 21st Cent. Toys Offices, San Jose, CA

October 4, 2004
“Duggy the DC-3 and Friends” completed a series of meetings with Toy and Animation executives in California.

 Mitch Carley and business partner, Rob Challans/AVISET, have spent several weeks in California meeting with the 'A-Listers' in the world of Toys and Animation.  "The efforts that have taken place in the last month are outstanding...", Carley stated.  "This is the time for Duggy.  Duggy now has the horse-power and backing that the brand needs to jump into the main stream.", Challans stated.  "The complete Duggy brand will soon be announcing several incredible ventures that will take the aviation entertainment industry to a new level, in fact, all areas of youthful entertainment might be effected.", Carley stated while in San Jose, CA at the headquarters of 21st Century Toys.
  The most recent trip included the Director of Marketing for the National Aviation Hall of Fame, Ron Kaplan.  Ron joined the two to further discuss the collective branding efforts with many contacts in California. 
"The collective equity and focus that the National Aviation Hall of Fame brings to the Duggy brand is truly the unique set of elements that will insure the brand's life-span is one that will outlive us all.", Kaplan stated.
  Look for exciting developments in the near future as Duggy begins to make a splash in many areas.