Name: Duggy
Big classic passenger plane, Douglas DC-3
Character Traits:
     - Friendly – most planes ‘best friend’.
     - Caring – since Duggy has helped out just about everyone he knows at
     some point, all his friends consider him very-caring.
     - Reliable – always willing to help and often getting in trouble due
     to over-extending himself and his abilities.
Fun Fact: Duggy has a secret ‘crush’ on “Connie” the Constellation
Born: 1939
Color(s): Yellow
Nickname: The Smile in the Sky
Crew: Butch, Hangar Crew, School Kids

Name: Super
World’s largest piston engine driven stunt/fighter, F2G Corsair
Character Traits:
     - Strong – Super is the strongest and one of the fastest planes in
     the world.
     - Loud – Super likes to make a big-show and big-noises where ever he goes.
     - Uneasy – Often Super confides with only his closest friends. They
     know that even though he make look and act tough – he often is uneasy
     and scared in many situations.
Fun Fact: Super is proudest and most caring for his crew that made him fly
50 years after being towed to a junkyard.
Born: 1945
Color(s): Red and White
Nickname: Big Boy
Crew: North Dakota family

Name: Tusky
Type: Sleek single engine fighter with a red tail, P51C Mustang
Character Traits:
     - Proud – of himself, his crew and country.
     - Firm – Tusky will not back-down or shy away from what is right.
     - Ready – Tusky and his crew do not sleep, they do not waiver from
     their pride – they are always willing and ready to defend.
Fun Fact: Tusky is sleek and knows it – often he lets others know –
to the point of annoyance.
Born: 1943
Colors: Shiny metal with a distinctive red tail
Crew: Proud African American families

Name: Jenny
Type: Bi-Plane, Jenny Trainer
Character Traits:
     - Dare Devil – natural born ‘stunt woman’.
     - Fearless – never one to look down and ‘back pedal’ – full throttle
     is her mantra.
     - Fragile – both her air-frame and personality are very weak and
     often need a lot of attention.
Fun Fact: Jenny – challenges any man to any contest, even at the result
of being very hurt. Yet, for all of her flaws Jenny loves those who are close
to her and will never fail on being on time, on effort and on helping those
she loves.
Born: 1935
Colors: Patch-work of yellow and green and so on
Crew: Two wild women

Name: Tiger
Type: Shark mouthed fighter, P40 Warhawk
Character Traits:
- Mean – ready to fight.
- Scared of water – even though Tiger is painted with a shark’s mouth
he hates water – he lost many friends in the Pacific Ocean.
- Tired - of explaining his fear of the water.
Fun Fact: Tiger – is a terrible singer – yet – he sings all of the time due to the AVG group not having any real-entertainment for years.
Born: 1939
Colors: Olive Drab with signature mouth painted on nose section
Crew: Hyper pilot and crew – always looking up and hearing stuff

Name: LEM (Lunar Excursion Module)
Type: Moon Lander, NASA LEM
Character Traits:
     - Quiet – no sound for years – his radios are on a slight recording
     beep every 5 seconds.
     - Cold – LEM is always cold to the touch and seems asleep – like Mr. Tree.
     - Smart – super smart – actually the smartest out of the whole group –
     if you can wake him up long enough to get an answer.
Fun Fact: Wants to land on Mars – that is the only subject that spins his radar.
Born: 1969
Colors: White, Black and Gold
Crew: NASA Bunch (the run around as a busy-bee’s mumbling – mumbo-jumbo) - funny

Name: Connie

Type: Sleek prop-driven transport, Lockheed Constellation
Character Traits:
      - Attractive – and knows it.
      - Sleek – and knows it.
      - Tall – and knows it.
Fun Fact: All in all – stuck up – yet very lonely, frustrated…really wants
a family. Has crush on Duggy – just wishes he was in better shape (weight
a little pudgy and short).
Born: 1948
Colors: Red and White
Crew: Uniformed and stuck-up airline crew

Name: Glennis
Type: Super fast rocket plane, Bell X1
Character Traits:
     - Hyper – always ready to GO!
     - Loud – when fueled look out – he talks and yells so fast and loud –
      you just want to get away.
     - Exhausted – once on the ground – will not wake up for ‘nothing’.
Fun Fact: Always wishing he had a jet engine and could fly for long periods of time.
Born: 1946
Colors: Orange
Crew: NACA Bunch, they run around like busy-bee’s mumbling – mumbo-jumbo – creating
funny moments, all with buzz cuts and black rimmed glasses.

Name: Wrighty
Type: Fragile first flyer, Wright Flyer 1905
Character Traits:
     - Loose – really fragile and almost un-assembled.
     - Scared of wind – super fearful of wind.
     - Exploring by nature – always questioning and willing to test anything
     (as long as there is no wind).
Fun Fact: Loves to have pictures of him taken – especially in the air.
Born: 1903 / 1905
Colors: Tan and brown
Crew: Two bicycle builders, brothers that argue, fight and discover new break-throughs

Name: Cubby
Type: Little Scout Plane, Piper J3 Cub
Character Traits:
     - Knowing – due to the scout duties and nature of Cubby he is
     - Loyal – to a fault with his friends.
     - Speaks the truth – always listening and really helping guide his
     best friend, Duggy.
Fun Fact: Cubby wishes he had a way to fight – he has none. He knows he is better off
this way – yet – just once he would like to ‘...torch those who are out to hurt him and his friends’.
Born: 1939
Colors: Was (Cub Yellow) – then Olive Drab – wants to be yellow again (personal goal for he and Duggy to get him yellow again)
Crew: Color blind Ol’Bill.

Name: Stang
Sleek single engine fighter, P51D Mustang
Character Traits:
     - Frustrated – never saw much wanted action.
     - Curious – wanting to what combat was like.
     - Trying to prove himself – sad to find out from Veterans that he should feel fortunate
     that he never saw action - very thankful at heart.
Fun Fact: Stang will always stand up for the USA
Born: 1945
Color(s): Many - bright due to War was over when he was completed.
Crew: Group of Pilots that co-own him.

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