Duggy & Super were proud to join in on a tribute to the Douglas Aircraft Co., in Santa Monica, CA, 2005.
70 years ago on Dec. 17th the first DC-3 left the ground at Santa Monica, CA Douglas / Aircraft Plant.  This was so uneventful at the time (due to the success of the DC-2 being well documented) not even a single camera was present - or used. 

  With the vision of Ron Kaplan (NAHF), David Price, Clay Lacy and others there were plenty of cameras, 70 years later.  In fact, Michael O'Leary / Editor of
AIR CLASSICS www.challengeweb.com covered the event as an exclusive special for his magazine.

  Here are just a few of the shots...check back for more and for more details please click on the links to the left. 

Under Clay Lacy's direction Capt. Odegaard and Capt. Challans created history over SoCal in Duggy.  Clay Lacy led a flight of 3 DC-3's, Clay's (United Airlines), Duggy and the Rose...over 9 airports that all have incredible marks in aviation history.

All three aircraft would like thank the FAA for help in allowing this incredible 'flight'.

Mitch with Mr. David Price
Mr. Bob Hoover, Mitch and Mr. Clay Lacy
Mr. Michael O'Leary / Editor Air Classics and Mitch